Jen Hatmaker and her husband, Brandon, live in Austin, TX where they lead Austin New Church and raise their brood. They pioneered Restore Austin, connecting churches to local and global non-profits for the spiritual and social renewal of Austin and beyond. Jen speaks at events all around the country. She is the author of nine books and Bible studies, including Interrupted and 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. Jen and Brandon have five children: Gavin – 14, Sydney – 12, and Caleb – 10, and they’ve recently added Ben – 9, and Remy – 7 from Ethiopia.

Stephanie is a southern girl through and through whose been married nearly 26 years to her high school sweetheart, Nick whose also her pastor. They have raised three incredible daughters who are now all married to some pretty cool guys and she has three cute grandchildren who call her “Honey”. After the dust settled on all the DIY wedding projects that kept her busy for the past five years, she learned to not merely endure the dreaded empty nest season but to actually embrace it. You can often find her enjoying Sunday naps with her man, group texting her daughters and driving across the country to hang out with her grandkids. She has learned the importance of being intentional when it comes to family, keeping everyone as close as ever even though they are all miles a part. She shares about these things on her blog, The Honey Pot, sprinkled with her love for fashion and her recent journey to a healthy lifestyle. Whatever adventure you may find her up to, her aim in all she does is to share the love of Jesus and the hope she has found in Him.

Meg Duerksen is a mama, wife & blogger who calls herself a definite work in progress.  She blogs at Whatever… from the heart of Kansas sharing anything that inspires her creativity, strengthens her faith and everything else in between. She has five children that she thinks are pretty rad.  Her husband is still making her laugh every day even after 20 years of marriage.  Meg gets to host women from all over at Craft Weekend, a creative retreat held in the home where her family used to live.  She loves to see women take a break from their busy lives to create and relax together.  Her dream day would include coffee with friends, shopping at a thrift store and going to the movies.  She cries easily… too easily. She needs more sleep.  And she is learning everyday how to fall more in love with Jesus.

While hardware stores, crafting and photography put a bounce in her step, Ashley Campbell relishes her role as a wife and mom. In the midst of raising 5 young kids, who create wonderful (but messy) chaos, Ashley uses photography as a tool to delight in the seemingly not so glamorous moments of life. She hopes to help others find and celebrate the marvelous in the mundane, and in doing so, point others to Jesus, the author of life’s greatest stories and adventures. You can find her on her blog Under the Sycamore and on Instagram

Kristin is a lover of grace… She lives in Southern California with her husband of over 12 years, 2 littles and a lot of critters. She loves to laugh, learn and join her kids in their homemade forts. Her heart does a “pitter-patter” for nature, adoption, reading, coffee, homeschooling, thrift shops, nature journaling, messy hair and tattoos. She is a photographer that loves to capture natural light and those every day messy moments that make up life. She believes that God is faithful as He knits our days, and souls, through joy, trial, silliness, and pain this side of heaven. 

Anna Liesemeyer is the lifestyle blogger behind In Honor of Design. Alongside her ever so patient husband, she tackles life one adventure at a time raising three little ones in Atlanta, GA. A graphic designer by trade, she stumbled into the blog world and has been running through doors God keeps opening ever since. She founded The Brand Market to help creative entrepreneurs chase The American Dream. Driven by God’s grace and fueled by her daily cup of coffee, she continues to face the crazy ride of life with much gratitude for the present and zeal for what is to come.

Jen is a former high school art teacher turned stay at home mom. She has two beautiful little girls who make her world go round. Her and her husband Kev love to live life on the adventurous side. Jen and Kev fell madly in love in college, dated for 2 years and then decided to get engaged, married and move 6,000 miles away to Hawaii all in 5 weeks time. They are back in upstate NY but dream of moving back one day. Her daily goal is to live passionately for Christ. He has transformed her from the inside out and she desires to share His love. God has called Jen and her family on a new journey this year as they become a certified foster care family. They are super excited to see God’s plan unfold! Follow along at jenloveskev.com.

Joy Prouty is saved by grace. She’s doing her best to raise up four nature loving, and Christ seeking, children and live a simple and self-sustainable life alongside one incredibly thoughtful man. She trusted God with a whole lot of details last year when selling their home and belongings and traveling the country to find a new place in the world to call home. They are settling into a little farm life now in Washington. Joy is a photographer and also happens to have a husband that doesn’t have the same beliefs as she does. But with a lot of talking to God throughout the day, and kitchen dance parties when needed, there is so much to be grateful for in each day. Follow Joy’s every day life on instagram: @joyprouty or on her website. 

Jodi is the wife to an exceptionally patient husband and a mother to five young and active children. Her family journal, Mockabee Seven, has become a place to share and encourage mothers through Christ-led parenting, health and wellness, and to also capture the quasi-homeshcooling, adventure-seeking lifestyle that they lead. Jodi is learning daily how to submit her heart to Christ, which has been a task in itself, but with a good latte and some chocolate, she is learning obedience is certainly the start of His greatest plan for her and her family. 

Lynsey is a farmer’s wife and mother of 4 amazing girls. She and her husband, Jason, are full-time farmers and operate Yonder Way Farm in a tiny town in Texas. Her life is full of messy, random, and unpredictable moments- like chasing bulls down a highway. But, her eyes have been opened to see how God can use all of these moments to weave His story of grace into her heart. Lynsey is passionate about cooking real foods with her girls, hospitality, community, and working alongside her family stewarding God’s beautiful creation. Follow along with Lynsey on instagram, @fivechicksandfarmer.

It’s only by the grace of God that Ruth considers motherhood to 6 young boys a high and worthy calling. She’s been married almost 16 years to her headmaster husband, who was formerly a pastor for 10 years. She educates her children at home part-time, through a Classical Christian school they were part of founding in Albuquerque, NM. Ruth is an artist, foodie, and writer who shares her heart at her blog, GraceLaced, There, you will find her writing about the everyday moments in which the Gospel intersects the beautiful and the banal. Connect with her, behind the scenes, on Facebook and Instagram.