Hope Spoken Conference

We all need time as Christians to recharge our batteries. There were many times when Jesus would retreat to the desert to pray. Then there is also the Sabbath, the seventh day on which Jesus rested.


Hope Spoken is a conference where we hope you can learn more about your faith. How to walk in relationship with Jesus and let Him transform every aspect of your life. You only have one precious life on this earth. And you will be most fulfilled when you spend it everyday experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in your lives.

Jesus is central to our faith

Jesus is central to our faith. Without Him, we wouldn’t understand the power of forgiveness. Jesus gave us everything at the cross by dying for us. This grace, without our own merit, is accounted to us through our confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior.
We can have hope for this life, and the next, because we know God. He gives us all the strength we need to be filled up each day. However, life is still a struggle. We battle to find time for certain commitments as we go to school, work, or manage our homes.
Our lives need that rest that Jesus took while on earth. He wants us to have time to be in community where our faith is strengthened. What better time to get this respite than to attend a beautiful Hope Spoken conference.


You will learn a lot through your attendance. And after that, you will feel ready to continue with the daily grind. We all need a break. And when the break is to learn more about Jesus, of course we are sure to come away with hope in our hearts. Jesus Christ- the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. What a blessed hope we have in gathering together in His name.